According to max weber legal rational

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Rational-legal authority

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What do you mean by Legal-rational authority?

Although they deeply personal his thoughts to an introduction still under-appreciated, his main preoccupation lay elsewhere. According to Max Weber, a(n) what?

is a highly rational organization and is highly efficient. Max Weber. The German sociologist Max Weber proposed an interpretation of social action that distinguished between four different idealized types of rationality.

Max Weber. The German sociologist Max Weber proposed an interpretation of social action that distinguished between four different idealized types of rationality. Learn About Max Weber’s Three Types of Authority - Online MBA, Online MBA Courses, Max Weber, three types of authority, Traditional authority, Rational-legal authority, Charismatic authority, Leadership, leadership styles.

According to the bureaucratic theory of Max Weber, three types of power can be found in organizations; traditional power, charismatic power and legal refers in his bureaucratic theory to the latter as a bureaucracy. All aspects of a democracy are organised on the basis of rules and laws, making the principle of established jurisdiction prevail.

Bureaucratic Theory by Max Weber

Max Webber argued that the process of rationalization, once unleashed upon the world, transformed social life forever and for the better and that rationalization led to new practices that were chosen based on their efficiency.

According to max weber legal rational
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