Air pollution european commission launches legal

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EU Commission launches legal action over UK air quality

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Environment: Commission takes action against UK for persistent air pollution problems

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The European Commission has launched legal proceedings against the UK for failing to deal with air pollution. The EU says that levels of nitrogen dioxide, mainly from diesel engines, are.

IFIA and CEOC International Joint Statement on the Cybersecurity Act ; Position Paper Improving energy audits, completing the energy efficiency union.

The UK faces fines of up to £m a year and embarrassing court appearances after the European commission launched legal proceedings against it for failing to reduce "excessive" levels of. The European Commission has launched legal proceedings against the UK for failing to deal with air pollution.

The EU says that levels of nitrogen dioxide, mainly from diesel engines, are.

What is causing the UK's high levels of air pollution?

International network of activists mount campaign to halt growth of the aviation sector Wed 17 Oct - A two-week campaign has ended by an international network of around civil society organisations and activist groups to protest against unrestrained expansion of the aviation sector and its impact on the climate and local residents.

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Air pollution european commission launches legal
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EU Commission launches legal action over UK air quality - BBC News