Effects of tanning

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Effects of Tanning Beds

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Tanning Tablets

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Dangers of Indoor Tanning

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Also, some classmates and cosmetics can make your skin more sensitive to UV tennis. Dangers of Indoor Tanning. Print. Print. Information about the Harmful Effects of Tanning and Tanning Beds.

Tanning occurs when the skin overproduces a pigment called melanin, causing the skin to darken.

Tanning and its Effects on Your Health

A tan is the body's defense against dangerous exposure to ultraviolet (UV). Because tanning beds can be used at the same intensity every day, unlike the sun’s intensity that varies throughout the year, UV rays from tanning beds are more dangerous than natural sun exposure.

Dangers of Indoor Tanning

In fact, tanning beds emit three times more UV rays than the unavocenorthernalabama.comd: Jun 17, Information about the Harmful Effects of Tanning and Tanning Beds. Tanning occurs when the skin overproduces a pigment called melanin, causing the skin to darken. A tan is the body's defense against dangerous exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays—from the sun or an artificial source like a tanning bed.

Tanning can also cause longer-term health effects. Being exposed to UV radiation can cause your skin to age more quickly and can increase your risk of developing skin cancer.

Your risk of developing skin cancer increases the more you are exposed to UV radiation. Since tanning may be addictive [54,55], and because it promotes premature skin aging and skin cancer, many states have enacted laws to limit teen access to indoor tanning. Although these laws reduce indoor tanning among teens, they are poorly enforced [57,58].

Tanning and its Effects on Your Health

Indoor tanning beds/lamps should be avoided and should not be used to obtain vitamin D because UV radiation from indoor tanning is a risk factor for skin cancer. Vitamin D can be obtained by eating a healthy diet and by taking oral supplements.

Effects of tanning
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