How to write a metes and bounds legal description

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Metes and Bounds Surveys

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Metes refers to distance and bounds to direction. A critical feature is the Point of Beginning POB. Writing a metes and bounds description is a job for a land surveyor.

Massachusetts Legal Descriptions Understanding Metes and Bounds By C.

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Theodore Mariolis Gelinas & Ward, LLC CMARIOLIS INTRODUCTION. There are three systems currently used to legally describe property.

The first is the “Metes and Bounds” system. This system uses permanent landmarks with “Metes” (distance and direction) and “Bounds” (a boundary object - a tree, a road, a creek, etc.).

The surveyor would have a particular “Point of Beginning”. WRITING LEGAL DESCRIPTIONS In order to help standardize and simplify the writing of legal descriptions, the description of the preceding course along the arc and will read," to a point The above guidelines are tailored for "Metes and Bounds" descriptions specifically.

Not all legal descriptions are of this type. Land can also be. If the description is adequate (we will discuss the scenario when it is not adequate in a moment), then there is no use writing a new metes and bounds description, ­in fact, doing so may very well cloud the title.

Why Do They Use Minutes to Calculate Land Surveys?

A metes and bounds description starts at a well-marked point of beginning (POB) and establishes the boundaries of the parcel by courses and metes (length in inches, feet, yards, miles) and bounds (directions based on landmarks, monuments, angles) and returns to the true point of beginning.

How to write a metes and bounds legal description
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