Legal writing and research

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Legal Writing and Student Scholarship

Legal writing refers generally to the analysis of fact patterns and presentation of arguments in legal memos and briefs. The vast majority of legal internships and permanent positions will require the deployment of legal writing skills.

The Temple Law Legal Research and Writing Program has a distinguished national reputation for excellence and is ranked as one of the best in the nation. Legal Research and Writing (): Legal Research and Writing is a two-unit course taught as a simulation.

First-Year Legal Research and Writing Program

Students work on a legal problem starting with an initial interview, and they conduct fact investigation and legal research related to that problem. The legal profession of the twenty-first century is driven by an increasingly global economy and rapid technological advances, yet basic research and writing skills are still the lawyer’s essential stock in trade.

First-Year Legal Research and Writing Program

The Program, supplemented by the Legal Writing Resources website, emphasizes the integration of legal analysis, writing, and research, and helps students to understand and consider the legal audience for whom they are writing.

The research and writing faculty are paired for each section of students, providing opportunities for team-teaching and. Legal Research and Writing is a two-unit course taught as a simulation.

Students work on a legal problem starting with an initial interview, and they.

Legal writing and research
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