Munchausen syndrome a serious mental disorder

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Factitious Disorder Imposed on Self (Munchausen Syndrome)

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The Facts About Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome

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Campaign study results differ in subjects of identifying groups that are most at state for developing the disorder. Factitious disorder is a serious mental disorder in which someone deceives others by appearing sick, by purposely getting sick or by self-injury.

Factitious disorder also can happen when family members or caregivers falsely present others, such as children, as being ill, injured or impaired. Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSP) -- or Munchausen by proxy -- is a psychological disorder marked by attention-seeking behavior by a caregiver through those who are in their care.

MSP is a. Tina, 52, says she has Munchausen Syndrome, a serious mental disorder in which someone with a deep need for attention pretends to be sick or gets injured on purpose. She says that for the past two decades, she’s been injecting herself with homegrown bacteria, including fecal matter, causing huge wounds that she keeps infected — some.

Munchausen syndrome, also known as factious disorder imposed on self is a mental disorder where a person will purposely act like he or she is sick. Munchausen syndrome is a mental disorder condition in which a person intentionally fakes, simulates, worsens, or self-induces an injury or illness for the main purpose of being treated like a medical patient.

Read about treatment, symptoms, and prognosis. Munchausen syndrome, considered a behavioral or compulsive disorder, is a serious mental illness. Hence, individuals with Munchausen’s experience severe emotional difficulties. In addition, people with the disorder are not motivated by the desire for money or other material goods.

Munchausen syndrome a serious mental disorder
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