Thesis statement on why gay marriage should be legal

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Gay Marriage Essay / Research Paper Example

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Why Liberalism Is Just Passive-Aggressive Totalitarianism

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Should Gay Marriage be Legalized? First, every person has a right to exercise and acquire freedom and equality as a basic law. In many countries such as the United States same sex marriages are outlawed although some government leaders insist on legalizing the gay marriages because they believe in the principle of equality.

A key question in all this is whether the text in question supports John’s position. John cites the ‘sober German scholar’ Gerd Theissen, who pointed out ‘long ago’ that the word entimos (‘highly prized’) used to describe the value of the servant to the centurion in Lukewould have been understood by any Jew to mean that the slave was the centurion’s gay.

To write a thesis statement you need a subject, claim, and 3+ reasons/supports for your claim. Here is the basic format: "Gay marriage should be legalized in all states because __, __, and __.". BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard.

Greetings to the men of ROK this week. As a brief note, I’ll say that I’ve posted two articles at my blog: one is about the attitude that a traditional man should take to churches and clerics who oppose the restoration of red-pilled, patriarchal values in society (with an emphasis on the Catholic Church); the other, in honor of the end of the month.

For those seeking a happier marriage without waiting for their spouse to change, this brief article entitled Should I Stay Married for the Kids?

offers tips, links to related topics. Based on the Assume Love approach developed by Patty Newbold.

Thesis statement on why gay marriage should be legal
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