Writing angular directives in typescript

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Angular: Why TypeScript?

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Writing AngularJS directives as TypeScript classes

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Writing Cleaner AngularJS with TypeScript and ControllerAs

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Writing a Directive for AngularJS using TypeScript. I wanted to get a handle on using TypeScript as soon as possible with my current Angular projects. My journey thus far. Writing Cleaner AngularJS with TypeScript and ControllerAs.

January 7, Kevin Wilson. Our team made the move to TypeScript and Angular at the tail end of last year. to make them more easily re-usable, let’s wrap them up as an Angular Directive.

Angular: Why TypeScript?

For our to-do list, we want to be able to pass in a name for the list as we create it on. Writing Angular 1 code in TypeScript sample app. In our previous article on Angular and TypeScript we started off from scratch and created a small Angular application that had one controller written in TypeScript.

Now it is time to look at how would one write Angular 1 code in TypeScript so that it is readable and easy to maintain. Custom Directive in TypeScript.

Angular 2 - Directives

Let us create a directive where the only purpose is to add title, sub-title and text at the right, which altogether works. I may just be attempting to combine too many "new-to-me" concepts at once, but I am trying to write a custom Angular directive using a TypeScript class.

Angular 2 - Directives

At the moment, I'm not trying to do anything terribly useful, just a POC. Angular Directives. Directives are very similar to controllers in many ways. Here is a simple example of a directive that follows the same logic as the Angular controller that we discussed before.

In this TypeScript tutorial we’ve demonstrated that there is nothing difficult in writing Angular 1 code with TypeScript. In fact, it’s much.

Writing angular directives in typescript
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Writing Cleaner AngularJS with TypeScript and ControllerAs – Kevin Wilson